Cavemen experience – new iteration

In the past week I worked on iterating over the core mechanics of the game. The players can unlock new caves after they reach a certain population of people. I also allowed for better debugging in the editor by adding a slider and debug messages. cavemenHouses Another goal is to make the experience work with the Oculus Devkit 2. Due to technical limitations of my hardware, I wasn't able to create a working prototype for the Oculus.   An exciting new mechanic allows the players to have more indirect control over the cavemen. Players can choose a "sign" that will change the behavior of the minions - they either enhance skills like endurance/reproduction/defense against animals or reduce consumption of firewood. Whenever they player switches from night to day, the counter will add one day to the calendar. planMechanics   Additionally, I experimented to go with an abstract toon - like material to emphasize the low poly look. toonshader
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